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  • Pastoring a Bifracated Body of Believers: In-Person & Virtual Discipleship Paradigm

  • The tow-truck's tow-truck (Men Only)

  • When its hard to Stand and Remain Silent (Jesus and Justice)

  • Dealing with congregational loss: Covid & Mental Health 

  • It's MY time Now! The pastoral desires of Associate Ministers 

  • Who's keeping the books? Churches & Grantwriting

  • Wordsearch be gone...Logos is Here

  • Expository Preaching (Introductory, Advance)

WOMEN'S TRACK Breakout Sessions:

  • My husband is my Pastor


  • XX marks the spot: Real Relationship Woes

  • She Speaks: Depressions, Anxiety, Loneliness...

  • Finding Me: My Soul is Anchored

  • Lips, Hips, & Fingertips: Physical/Mental/Emotional Costs of Wordly Beauty

  • Car Chronicles w/ Pastor Jameliah

  • Christian Women Success as God Defines It

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