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The Blueprint

Revisiting the Foundation to Reimagining the Future

Build For Where You’re Going

Christian Leadership in Unchartered Territories

Dr. Danielle Brown: The Blueprint—Unconventional Ministry in Unconventional Times

In this season that has been charactered as the year of the woman, women arel eading in myriad areas from the coffee house to the Whitehouse. We are now faced with never seen before challenges of recrafting mindsets to embrace models that eradicate misogynistic terminology and male only mind frames. How do we complement one another and not compete in spaces that have traditionally been battlegrounds. Well, fear no further as Dr. Danielle Brown has a proven track record in this space. Jesus came to break the traditions biblically from tabernacle to temple and synagogue to sanctuary; the answer is—He’s unconventional.

Pastor Charles Bond: Women’s Empowerment—We are not Going out Like That

Through out the Bible, women have laid the landscape of fighting battles of equality on every front. Rather, it’s the daughters of Zelophehad or Chuza’s wife that women have done their part to promote, partner and push the

kingdom of God’s agenda forward. Even when culture attempted to push them back or leave them out, women since the beginning of time have stood the fiery trials of resistance and rose to the occasion. Come be empowered and receive the encouragement.

Pastor H. B. Charles: Expository Preaching—Making the Text Live off of the Page

There is a difference in a tour guide and a travel agent. A travel agent will sell you a trip to somewhere they have never been; however, a tour guide has been there and knows the terrain. Come set at the feet of a modern-day homiletical hero who knows how to traverse the terrain of the passage and show you how to make it live off the page.


Pastor James McCarroll: Staffing Your Church for Success (Class 1)

Build for Where You are Going (Class 2)

Every leader knows the frustrations of trying to make brick with straw. The elephant in the room is after being frustrated and constantly having people who drop the ball, leaving you to run the play alone because of trust issues. We have good news. Don’t miss Pastor McCarroll’s class that will give you practical strategies to get the right people in the right seat on the right bus. Building the right team takes strategy. Pastor McCarroll is a master strategist. You have a smart phone, smart television, smart car—why would you want a dumb ministry?

Pastor Donald Johnson: Serving from the Second Seat— Association that Leads to Elevation

Calling all associates, adjutants and assistants! The question was recently asked, “Where are all the associate ministers, youth leaders and assistants?” The answer: They are all bishops and apostles now! Long gone is the day of sitting around awaiting on a chance to get the mic. There are opportunities available to share in God’s kingdom assignment and not just showcase your gifts. Come learn how the second chair can be the best seat in the house and allow God to elevate you through being focused on serving and not be a flunky who wants to shine. Elevation really does come through association. Jesus said, “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant” Matt. 23:11.


Pastor Sharon Riley: Women Breaking Barriers and Shattering Ceilings

Women are leading in today’s societal cultural norms like no other time in human history. Yet, how do we shift the narrative from gender to God-given gifts and abilities that brings Him Glory and not spotlight our own agendas? The answer is being available to be used and coming to the conversation motive free. Promotion comes from God so it’s not about proving your worth; but rather, walking in your witness as a lady who loves the Lord. Women were not designed to compete with men, we complement one another and the kingdom is blessed as a result.

Dr. Maurice Watson: The Power to See It Through—Longevity in Ministry

One of the leading causes of burnout and depression amongst clergy in these post-modern times is the spirit of complaining, competing and comparing. Out of the three, the biggest one is comparing. Comparing is the biggest mistake(s) one can make in ministry when comparing your ministry to someone else’s. God has a unique call on your life that may look totally different from your contemporaries. Come sit at the feet of a masterful preacher, pastor and pulpitologist who is familiar with the shifts and turns on the road to destiny. Embrace the uniqueness of the ministry God has given you so that you don’t sabotage your victory looking over the fence.


Pastor Sheila Vann: Systems Don’t Fail, People Do

Building a ministry alongside of her amazing husband, Lady Vann has had a front row seat to the complexity of building. She has worked in every facet of the ministry from servant leadership to brand identity. This alone gives her a unique purview of what having the right systems in place can stop the hemorrhage of ministries bleeding out prematurely. People will come and go, leech and leave, but having systems can prevent failure.

Dr. Johnny Youngblood: The Man’s Locker Room—Toxic Tables

Controversial but crucial is the only way to describe the necessary conversations needed into today’s context. Dr. Youngblood has a no-frills approach to leading men to vulnerability in order to address the question of where the men in your church are. We have over saturated the ministry with painting a picture of a soft Jesus; however, Jesus was very much a MAN as He was God. Prepare to check your feelings at the door and learn how to tame your proclivities to avoid the traps that the enemy has set to tarnish the male image in the Christian church.

Mrs. Rose Fields: Lord Help! My Husband Has Two Wives (First Ladies Only)

Far too long has the position of being married to a pastor been underrated. It is a slippery slope that requires the balancing act of calming the rage of the beast within, and that within itself comes with its onset of demons. The First lady should be the ONLY lady; however, what is a wife to do when she feels she must share her husband with the world and is expected to suffer in silence for a job which came with no training. Mrs. Fields was married to a legend and a prince of preachers who was one pastor in two locations over two different congregations before it was popular and polarized. Come and be healed in a safe zone where your questions will be answered and get reinvigorated to go back and be the fragrance of the house. The church is the bride of Christ and not your husband. You are his bride—now walk in it.

Pastor Anthony Pettus and Pastor Matthew Castillo: Logos Software

Study to show yourself approved unto God. Every contractor is not a carpenter. Some in the field of construction has license in areas they have no expertise or experience. Dr. Ray is not known as the walking-bible because he has some secret sauce; but rather, he chose to invest in the gifts that God entrusted him with and as a result, the world now knows who he is. Globally, Dr. Ray has made it known that his study-time is his most guarded time; yet, you must have the right tools. Prepare to learn how to navigate the tools available in the new and improved ever evolving Logos Bible Software. This is for anyone serious about taking your preaching, teaching or just advancing your own biblical knowledge at the next level. Logos will help you be impactful—not impressive.


Minister Alex Glenn: Ministering to Minions

Youth pastors and youth ministry leaders come to the think-tank of all thing’s— children and youth. The future Dr. Glenn and Dr. Hooks have put together a forum of opportunity to share ideas and strategies to engage emerging

generations who need a faith-base and God in their lives. The best way to predict the future is create it. If you are serious about imparting to and impacting emerging generations, send your youth ministers, youth and young adult leaders, and children’s church liaisons.

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