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Breakout Sessions

Expository Preaching

A Healthy Back Door

Multiple Streams of Giving

Storytelling: the Art of the Deal

Being #1's #2

Facebook, Instagram/Effective Ministry Tools

Lights, Camera, Action: Radio/TV/Internet branding


Has worship really change? the evolution of Praise & Worship


Swelling a Ministry vs. Growing a Ministry


Why Ecclesiastical Celebrity Personalities or Denominational Loyalty don't work today


Blessing the pew: Pastoral  care


Pay as you go: Church  debt


Enough talk about Millennials already!


You can't handle the truth/ #GrownMenTalk


Church Women Gone Wild!


Pastor's gone...what about me? First Lady Club


What does succession/transition look like: Taking care of the Emeritus  


When Lucifer, Jonah, and Jezebel join your leadership team...

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